TS Playfair

A couple behind the scenes captures while I was aboard the TS Playfair on Lake Ontario, checking out all the angles


Big Lonely Doug and the AFA

If you haven’t heard of Big Lonely Doug, please Google him. Through reading and the Ancient Forest Alliance in British Columbia I discovered and travelled to Port Renfrew to visit Big Lonely Doug. His story is beautiful.


Samara Centre for Democracy

Quotes about democracy selected by the Lt. Gov. of Ontario and presented in cooperation with the Samara Centre for Democracy are on view to the public in the Lt. Governor’s Suite, Toronto.


National Screen Institute

Part of a portrait series for the National Screen Institute out of Winnipeg with award winning producers and writers. Featured here Tarique Qayumi & Tajana Prka, John Tilley, Ian Bawa, Michelle Ouellet & Nicholas Carmella. Photographed for the 2019 Totally Television training course. 

NSI promo.jpg

His Honour Henry (Hal) Newton Rowell Jackman

His Honour Henry (Hal) Newton Rowell Jackman, the 25th Lt. Gov. of Ontario, 1991-1997, attends the Lt. Gov's 2019 New Year's Levee in the Lt. Gov's Suite in Queen's Park. Behind him is his official portrait, flanked by portraits of His Honour Lincoln Alexander and Her Honour Hilary Weston.


Earth Day

Earth Day got off to a beautiful start this past Saturday.  Shot at the mouth of the Humber River.